Legacy of our Heroes

To all fellow citizens of the world,

We have just lost another great person in Malaysia, Yasmin Ahmad*. And not to forget that we also had to say goodbye to our dearest King of Pop, Michael Jackson. In just within a period of one month, we have just lost two of the most precious human beings on Earth. In other words, we can say that Malaysia lost one but the world lost two. These two people, they passed away, living a legacy behind. They have been working so hard all their lives to bring people together as one and make peace. MJ did that in his songs and Yasmin Ahmad did that in her movies and advertisements. In fact, this people have more than just one similarity. Coincidently, they were born and died on the same year (1958-2009). And both hoping that the world can be together as one. The World means us humans. Regardless of Race and religion, we are all the same. In times like this, with wars and fights all over the world, we need people like them. They are the ones who see everyone as God’s creation. But now, they are gone. And I am sure they are more of those who are like them. No matter whom you are, and what you do, we can spread peace in many ways. This is the Call. Two of our greatest heroes have just died trying to bring peace. They didn’t die for nothing. They died with honour and I am begging all of you to not let their legacy be a waste. Let us all stand up together and start looking at our similarities instead of differences. With God’s will, we CAN continue their mission to bring peace to this world. Don’t disappoint them. Imagine that they can see us right now. What will they feel if they see us fighting with each other?? So let us start now. Don’t wait for people like politicians or celebrities to set an example. Let them be. We can start from home by oursleves. Go out and make friends with everyone. It is easier than you think.

Remember MJ’s song ~ We Are The World~. Let there be peace…..

This is a tribute to both Michael Jackson and Yasmin Ahmad. We shall remember you always.

Yasmin Ahmad ( July 1, 1958 - July 25, 2009 )

Michael Jackson ( August 29, 1958 - June 25 2009 )

May you rest in peace……

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Hero on the outside, Zero in the inside

Once there was a young man, volunteered himself to join the army and become a soldier. He wanted to do something good for the people. He was willing to sacrifice his life just for the people he loved. Before he left to join the army and start his training, he told himself that he has to leave behind everything that he enjoyed doing. He has to leave his beautiful home because he needs to carry out what he wanted to do. He has to sacrifice all the fun and joy he had. Therefore, he told himself that it is okay, because once the War is over, he can return home and enjoy the joy he left behind. He trained hard with all his might, wishing that he could become the best soldier.

Years passed by, then the War started. He fought in the battle with all his courage and strength. Slowly his strength weakens. But he told himself not to give up because after the war is over, he can return home and continue with the joy and happiness he left behind. His mind kept telling him that he is doing something good for the people and he should not regret with all the sacrifice he had made. He stood up and fought with all the strength he had left. He gave it all out.

Finally, the war ended. He survived. From that day onwards, he was labeled as the ‘hero’ with all the medals and trophies of honour.
Then he thought of home. The beautiful home he left behind with the cool and breezy wind and the green smooth grass. He never really had the time to enjoy the beauty of joy and happiness that he had in the past. So, he hoped that he can enjoy those things again once he gets back.

But when he reached home, he was shocked and speechless. It was a War Zone. Another war, a Bigger War just started. And the home he left behind was destroyed. The fun and happiness that he has been waiting for all this while were gone. Nothing left.
Then he started to think. This was not fair. He thought sacrifice should be temporary. He should get back what he sacrificed at the end. But it looked like he can never enjoy the fun of his home anymore. Did he make a mistake, he thought?

“ Maybe I should not have joined the army in the first place. I should have just stayed behind and enjoy the remaining times I had to enjoy the beauty of the world. If I knew there was a war bigger than the one I joined in, and if I knew that my Home will be destroyed in the end, I should have just have fun before the real war starts”.

He kept thinking. All this while he was so motivated to train hard so that he can become a good soldier. He didn’t have time to appreciate the beauty of the world because he spent most of his time training hard. He wished that one day, we will have time to enjoy the beauty of the world. But after he saw what happened to his home, he was so sad and disappointed. He missed the fun when he had the chance. There was nothing left to enjoy about the world. Everything was destroyed.

He thought of something. All the medals and the ‘Hero’ title meant nothing to him anymore. The true happiness of life had gone when he should have taken the opportunity when he had the chance. He will never be able to appreciate the joy and wonder of the world. And he will never understand the true meaning of life because the only life he had was in the Army Camp.

He thought he did the right thing, but he didn’t. He may be a hero to everyone, but he is Zero in his own heart. He may be useful to the world, but he is useless to himself. He sacrificed a lot for the people so that they can have a better life but he forgot to sacrifice for one more soul, that is himself…… He guessed, it was too late……Too late to change his life since he had none……..

To the people out there, don’t ever think that just because you are a nobody, you are useless. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s the happiness in our soul that we want to have for a peaceful life and death. And never think that those who are famous and special and are known as Heroes are the ones who will have a good life, because they may smile and make us happy, but in their hearts, they are lonely and empty…….It’s okay if you are not famous, it’s okay if you are not the Top Student in school, it is okay if you are not as rich as other people, it is okay if you are not good at something. At least you have time for yourself……


A (H1N1) ~ All for H1N1 or H1N1 for All??

Yes, the topic is about the none other than the famous uninvited visitor, the H1N1. So, what is this H1N1 all about?? So far, it’s the latest problem for humankind in history. Yup, that was after all other problems we’ve been facing throughout history. There’s once when we worried about Terrorists, then Climate Change, then Dengue, then the Haze, then the Melamine case…… and now H1N1 , it keeps on going….
But I don’t think none of those problems listed above are solved 100%. Poor human beings…. Having to face the problems one after another…..But what are we doing actually?? Do we know that it is a problem in the first place?? So far, humans only know how to blame each other. I guess that part of our mentality doesn’t evolve yet. Pointing fingers at each other, but the problem is still there. Where are we leading ourselves too??

Anyway, let’s get straight to the point here which is H1N1. As I have said, the only thing we know is the BLAME Game. So this H1N1 case, who to blame? Let me see……… The older generations will blame the government for not being strict to control the spread. Parents will do whatever it takes to prevent their healthy children from going out to the public and at the same time blaming the government for not closing and banning public gatherings. And for the children, well, most probably the younger generations, will start complaining about why people make so much noise about this H1N1 when they claimed that the number of death in car crash is more compared to H1N1. I mean, this young people have a point. They want to explore this beautiful world before they start to be busy with their work. They want to meet friends and have fun because this is the only time they have for now. At the same time, older generations are complaining about these students for being the cause of the spread. So, who is to be blamed now? Is it the healthy ones that need to be blamed totally for spreading this virus?! Is it fair ??

Well, in my opinion, the first one that needs to be blame is the one HAVING THE SICKNESS. If these people don’t go out and rest at home, they won’t be any spread. Of course, if you are infected, you may think that why you should care of others if they’re infected because you are already infected isn’t it?? Then, it is the job for the healthy ones to stop those who are infected from making things worse. Why blame the healthy ones for exposing themselves in public when those who are infected are the ones who are making the problems.
Let me give you an analogy. Let say we are warned that there are terrorists somewhere in the city. Carrying a weapon that can kill hundreds in just seconds. Of course, people are scared. But who are the ones that need to be ‘eliminated’ or blamed?? The public or that ONE terrorist? Are you going to inform everyone not to go out to public places because the terrorist could be anywhere?? Or are you going to make sure that the terrorist is caught and put somewhere safe??

You see, you can’t stop people from going out. Life has to go on. We only Stop ONE person that will cause problems to ONE Hundred people. The Infected are like ‘terrorists’. They come in small numbers but they are here in public. Their Sneeze can ‘shoot’ hundreds and billions of viruses that can infect hundreds of people. And it all comes from ONE nose. Just like a terrorist. Hundreds will die if hundreds of bullets are being shot from ONE Weapon. So, who needs to be stopped now??

Be serious people. It is not the end of the world yet. If you don’t want the world to be infected by diseases like H1N1, Please do whatever it takes to ‘eliminate’ those who are infected. Whether they are your friends or family, prevent them from going out and cause more problems. The healthy ones deserve to enjoy the beauty of this world. If you see anyone coughing or sneezing in public, it is not you that should run away. It is them that should be away. You should stand on your grounds. If you know them, ask them politely to go somewhere else.

Before I end this, I would like to say sorry if I have to relate the infected with terrorist. I am not saying that they are bad people. What I am trying to say is that ONE person can cause problems to ALL. Please feel responsible and quarantine yourself.
I love this world and I love this country. I know you all do too. But please don’t take for granted of certain things that may destroy everything. So is this an ‘All for One or One for All’ situation? All going to stop One infected person or One infected person is going to spread to ALL?? You decide……

Warm Welcome

Hey hi guys! Yup, I know, its kinda late for me to set up a blog. Actually I started this long time ago but it took time for me to learn how to use it. Since I was busy with my studies, I stopped using this blog. Well, not really stop because I didnt really start anything. =)

So ya, since I have time, I will officially start my blog. Actually Ive been thinking of what to write as my first post for my blog. I guess its usually a simple intro. I guess that's what I need to do now.

Well, basically my name is Faris Iskandar. Some people call me FI. If you already know me, then its good. For those who dont know me yet, please use other sources to find info about me. Because knowing me is not important. It is the message that I need to pass to everyone which is important. I can suggest you to visit my facebook profile often if you can because My main source of information is my facbeook. Here, I will mostly do the writting. Pictures can be viewed in my facebook album.

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